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10 information security forecasts for 2020

Information security now!

The near future looks quite fair for information security. For example, according to our assessment the impacts of cyber security on business operations have clearly been noticed. Similarly, the link between staff awareness and the level of information security in an organisation has been recognised. Of course, challenges and concerns still exist. Protection against cyber crime and information security vulnerabilities will not become any easier.


The information security forecasts for 2020 are based on a joint assessment made by the National Cyber Security Centre and our cooperation networks. They are part of our Information Security in 2019 review, which will be published in February.

  1. Automated information security solutions that utilise artificial intelligence are developing
  2. Services will be produced in multi-layered and multinational subcontracting chains
  3. The impact of cyber security on business operations will be taken into account better than before
  4. Protection is lagging because the nature of cyber crime is not sufficiently understood
  5. Training related to cyber security training will increase
  6. Discovered information security vulnerabilities are exploited at a faster pace
  7. The need for versatile information security experts is growing
  8. Data and operations are moving to the cloud
  9. The popularity of information security assessments will increase as awareness rises
  10. The level of information security is linked to staff awareness

The original article was published on 22.01.2020 in Finnish. (External link)