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Front Page: NCSC-FI
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Cyber Weather gives you an update on the key information security incidents of the month

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What was 2020 like in the context of information security? The Vastaamo data breach, the pandemic and remote work, the Koronavilkku application, the Emotet malware strain and technical support scam...
Criminals phishing for Finnish online banking credentials have managed to transfer large sums from victims’ bank accounts. How is this possible with online banks having so many security measures in...

Managing vulnerabilities with SBOM

In the world of IoT and automation, managing vulnerabilities is exceptionally challenging – and critical. The details of and responsibilities associated with software property can easily get lost i...
In January, the cyber weather was brightened up by the seizing of the Emotet botnet. However, the skies were also darkened by phishing based on search engine results taking users to criminal phishi...