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Criminals are now targeting companies’ and associations’ Facebook accounts. The attacks involve messages sent via Messenger claiming that the user’s account will be closed due to a copyright infrin...
This week, our topics include currently circulating Signal and Telegram scam messages and an active phishing campaign involving scammers impersonating Kela.
October's cyber weather was stormy. In particular, the storminess is explained by the serious alert 1/2023 published in October, which warned of a wave of Microsoft 365 phishing and data breaches, ...
This week, we provide information on the latest ransomware trends and the ransomware situation in Finland. We also remind our readers about the misconfiguration issue in the popular ServiceNow plat...

Cyber exercises

Cyber exercises aim at improving organisations’ preparedness and response for severe security incidents, and at shortening and reducing the impact of cyber-attacks.

HAVARO (External link)

Produced by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, HAVARO is a service that helps detect serious information security threats to Finnish companies and issues alerts.

Kybermittari - Cybermeter

Kybermittari helps corporate managers and organisations to better control cyber risks and safeguard the continuity of business operations.

Cyber Weather

Cyber Weather gives you an update on the key information security incidents and phenomena of the month.