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This week we talk about phishing attacks that involve scammers impersonating banks and malware spread via email. We also provide a refresher on what to take into account when a child receives their...
We have developed a new version of the Kybermittari tool on the basis of feedback from users. The new version of Kybermittari as well as new support material are available on the NCSC-FI website. R...
This week we talk about a widespread Facebook scam in which accounts are hijacked on the pretext of a made-up monetary prize. Our other topics are new top-level domains and the NCSC-FI’s experts at...
This week we talk about the current denial-of-service attack situation and provide advice on how industrial organisations can protect themselves against cyber security incidents. We also take a loo...

The Cybersecurity Label (External link)

The Cybersecurity Label tells you that the device you have bought meets our information security requirements and protects your data against the most common threats on the internet.

The information security voucher

Support for developing information security is direct government support paid to companies in sectors critical to the functioning of society for measures aimed at improving information security.

Kybermittari - Cybermeter

Kybermittari helps corporate managers and organisations to better control cyber risks and safeguard the continuity of business operations.

Cyber Weather

Cyber Weather gives you an update on the key information security incidents and phenomena of the month.