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Scammers and distributors of malware often take advantage of current, emotional topics to scam people. Now the topic is coronavirus, which has been harnessed as part of the toolkit for scammers and...
Leading cybersecurity specialists and decision makers from all over Europe gathered to Helsinki, Finland on 13th of February to discuss what the new 5G technology means to cybersecurity, digital in...
Do you still remember our 5G and Galileo events, Cyber Exercise Guide and the Cybersecurity Label? Are you aware of the Big Game Hunting phenomenon? How about Finnish municipalities’ hot cyber summ...

Technical support scam calls

Over the past week, Finnish organisations and individuals have been targeted by a large number of calls from scammers claiming to represent Microsoft technical support. The callers claim to have de...

Secure development - towards approval

This guide is intended for anyone involved in the development of software-based solutions, especially production of encryption solutions. It outlines best practices to avoid vulnerabilities and other common problems in software engineering.