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Front Page: NCSC-FI
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Cyber Weather gives you an update on the key information security incidents of the month

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Log4j component vulnerability actively exploited – install updates immediately!

The vulnerable Log4j component is widely used in online services, and new exploits are constantly discovered. Administrators must take immediate action to respond to the issue.
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In December, the cyber weather report turned red because we published a severe alert on the Log4shell vulnerability that is having a global impact. The number of FluBot observations fortunately dec...
The NCSC-FI Incident Response, NCSC-FI Advisory Signing Key, and NCSC-FI Newsfeed Signing Key in the National Cyber Security Centre’s CERT function are changing. The new keys are available on the C...
Winter storm clouds loomed on the horizon when the FluBot malware reappeared in Finnish text messages. Vulnerabilities are discovered increasingly quickly, and it is important to ensure that home r...
The year 2021 was a busy one for our cyber exercise team. We listed our best advice to help you make your cyber exercises more useful and successful in 2022.