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In this article a malware dissected by the NCSC-FI specialists is visited upon. The malware is designed specifically for QNAP NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, and it is capable of various ma...
Internet of Things and automation were rays of light in the rainy cyber weather in September. Although there are still a lot of vulnerabilities in the IoT, increasing efforts are made to patch the ...
The cyber weather in August was mostly rainy. There were hardly any performance incidents in communications services or DoS attacks. However, severe vulnerabilities were discovered in major software.
Making sure that your information is kept secure is a key skill in the digital world. Our new guide contains simple tips for better information security both at home and at work.

Vulnerabilities in Mirasys VMS video management solution


Authentication bypass in D-Link DIR-850L


Vulnerabilities in service autodiscovery


Vulnerabilities in Goodmill Systems w24e and w24h routers


Galileo Innovation Challenge, Helsinki, November 11 - December 1.

Create applications and services that utilize the unbeatable accuracy and resistance to interference provided by the Galileo global navigation satellite system. Our partners provide you with professional tools and assist the participants in the application development.
Galileo Innovation Challenge

Secure development - towards approval

This guide is intended for anyone involved in the development of software-based solutions, especially production of encryption solutions. It outlines best practices to avoid vulnerabilities and other common problems in software engineering.