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The National Cyber Security Centre Finland has received several reports concerning databases on the Firebase platform being open to the internet. Some of the publicly available data appears to incl...
The National Cyber Security Centre Finland at the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (NCSC-FI) has put together a cybersecurity handbook to help senior corporate management secure their di...
The NCSC-FI Incident Response, NCSC-FI Advisory Signing Key, and NCSC-FI Newsfeed Signing Key in the National Cyber Security Centre’s CERT function are changing. The new keys are available on the C...
The near future looks quite fair for information security. For example, according to our assessment the impacts of cyber security on business operations have clearly been noticed. Similarly, the li...

Secure development - towards approval

This guide is intended for anyone involved in the development of software-based solutions, especially production of encryption solutions. It outlines best practices to avoid vulnerabilities and other common problems in software engineering.