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Disturbances in operators’ networks may make emergency calls more difficult than usual. Even if you have no network connection, you can always make an emergency call by switching off your mobile ph...
In recent weeks, the NCSC-FI has become aware of several IT system malfunctions that have resulted in the loss of data despite the fault tolerance (RAID) of the disk system.
The global sales day Black Friday attracts customers with major discounts. However, high customer volumes also attract criminals. Keep a cool head when making purchase decisions and make sure you a...
The game is a fun way for children to learn the basics in digital security.

Vulnerabilities in Mirasys VMS video management solution


Authentication bypass in D-Link DIR-850L


Vulnerabilities in service autodiscovery


Vulnerabilities in Goodmill Systems w24e and w24h routers


Galileo Innovation Challenge, Helsinki, November 11 - December 1.

Create applications and services that utilize the unbeatable accuracy and resistance to interference provided by the Galileo global navigation satellite system. Our partners provide you with professional tools and assist the participants in the application development.
Galileo Innovation Challenge

Secure development - towards approval

This guide is intended for anyone involved in the development of software-based solutions, especially production of encryption solutions. It outlines best practices to avoid vulnerabilities and other common problems in software engineering.