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Research and development of cyber security reinforced in Finland and Europe – the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre’s National Coordination Centre is now operational in Finland

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The European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre’s National Coordination Centre began operations officially in early 2023 under the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency. The centre is part of the European Union’s Network of National Coordination Centres. The purpose of the EU-wide network is to improve national cybersecurity capacities, support cyber security research and accelerate technological development in the EU.

Finland’s National Coordination Centre is integrated into the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency. The purpose of the Centre is to create conditions for Finnish cyber security operators, such as companies, universities and research institutes, to participate in international research and development work. One of the Centre’s key tasks is to obtain financing through EU funding programmes for Finnish companies’ and organisations’ research and development projects.

“In Finland, public-private cooperation in cyber security is unique at the international level. However, as a result of the changes in the security situation, it is important to increase the amount of national and international cooperation. Ultimately, well-targeted financing supports Finnish companies’ and organisations’ capacity to combat existing and future cyber security threats,” says Director-General of Traficom Kirsi Karlamaa.

The Centre is also building and developing a national competence network. The network will consist of key public and private operators, and it aims to develop cooperation between these operators to improve cyber security research, development and innovation.

Every Member State founds its own national point of contact. The EU Coordination Centre located in Bucharest acts as the overall coordinator of the Network. The Network of National Coordination Centres increases cooperation between the Member States. This cooperation reinforces the EU’s cyber security capacities and the competitiveness of the cyber security sector.

The preparatory work for Finland’s National Coordination Centre was completed swiftly and the Centre was one of the first to become officially operational in the EU. “The National Coordination Centre operates under Traficom and the National Cyber Security Centre Finland. The new duties have clear synergies with our previous cyber security responsibilities. One of our main objectives is to enhance the self-sufficiency in cyber security in Finland and the EU,” says Sauli Pahlman, Deputy Director-General of the National Cyber Security Centre Finland.

Funding for cyber security – national application process begins in early 2023

The National Coordination Centre helps Finnish operators participate in cross-border EU projects and obtain EU funding according to national priorities. In addition, the Coordination Centre grants Finnish operators funding for activities aiming to improve cyber security. The first national funding application process is set to begin in the first half of 2023. More information about the application process will be published on Traficom’s website .

The National Coordination Centre is financed by the EU and the State of Finland.

Five key duties of the National Coordination Centre

1. Operating as a national point of contact for the EU-wide network and Competence Centre in Bucharest

  • The National Coordination Centre supports the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre in promoting research and development and building a network of key cyber security operators.

2. Development of cyber security industrial, technology and research cooperation

  • The National Coordination Centre is building and developing a cyber security community/network to tighten cooperation between key cyber security operators in the EU and in Finland.
  • Companies, universities and research institutes are at the core of this community.
  • The National Coordination Centre is also creating a situational picture of cyber security research and development and strives to identify important areas for research and development in the cyber security sector based on the obtained data.

3. Supporting national cyber security research and development

  • The National Coordination Centre supports the research and development of cyber security by e.g. granting funding, supporting operators in applying for EU funding, and building a network of cyber security experts and operators.
  • Funding is granted especially to operators introducing modern cyber security solutions and sharing their knowledge with others.
  • In particular, the aim is to support the research and development activities of small and medium-sized companies.

4. Promotion of participation in cross-border EU funding projects

  • The National Coordination Centre helps cyber security operators obtain EU funding for research and development projects deemed important to cyber security in Finland. In addition, the Centre gives advice and technical support to operators interested in participating in EU projects.
  • The National Coordination Centre promotes cooperation of economic life, civic society, academy and research with other operators within the EU.

5. Increasing knowledge and awareness of the work of National Coordination Centres and the cyber security community

  • The National Coordination Centre organises events and shares information about, for example, accomplishments and innovations.
  • The National Coordination Centre increases awareness of challenges and solutions related to cyber security.

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