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Stay safe with our tips for remote work

Information security now!

As a result of the current situation, the number of employees working remotely has increased, with many now working from home.  A large share of schools have also moved to distance learning. As remote work arrangements become more common, Finland’s communications networks have the necessary capacity to accommodate the increasing numbers of remote workers and online transactions. Video conference calls and emails don't, in fact, place a substantial strain on networks. To make working remotely as safe and smooth an experience as possible, we have put together this list of helpful tips.

1. Carefully follow remote working instructions

2. Keep your computer updated

3. Use trusted and secure networks

4. Use the equipment provided by your employer

5. Make sure that confidential information is carefully protected 

6. Use a strong and unique passphrase for each service

7. Watch out for scams!

8. Make sure to take breaks and get enough rest

The original article was published on 19.03.2020 in Finnish. (External link)