Front Page: NCSC-FI
Front Page: NCSC-FI


This site includes information and advice to support your decisions. The purpose of these instructions is to help you understand the nature and purpose of cookies and other similar technologies that online services use to store & use data on your de-vices. The instructions also contain tips on how you can choose what gets stored on your devices and to help you assess whether service providers are complying with the requirements of the law in their cookie policies.

Cookies and other data stored on users’ terminal devices and their use 

Have you ever wondered why you are asked to give your consent for the use of cookies or for other data to be stored on your device while browsing the internet? Or why you have to choose what information a mobile application on your smartphone can access? Service providers ask these questions to confirm that they have your consent to access your information. This is why it is important to think about what you are allowing.

Advice for website users