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CERT-FI 20 years: The role of a cyber security specialist gives and takes – sometimes it is good to pause and have a think

Information security now!

This time we are looking back on CERT times through the lens of decades of experience. The work of an incident response duty officer is highly independent and involves a lot of responsibility. Even if cyber winds turn into a gale, security professionals must be able to make quick decisions, no matter how big the issue. Good stress management skills are vital. With us to reminisce are Jarna Hartikainen, business continuity manager at the Finnish National Emergency Supply Agency, and security consultants Erika Suortti-Myyry from Nixu Corporation and Sami Orasaari from SSVP Finland Oy.

Sinisellä pohjalla tekstiä: Kyberturvallisuutta kellon ympäri. Cybersäkerhet dygnet runt. CERTI-FI 20