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Front Page: NCSC-FI
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The purpose of NCSC-FI’s CERT activities is to prevent information security incidents and to disseminate information on information security matters.

The duties of CERT-FI include:

    • solving information security violations and threats against network, communications and value-added services;
    • gathering information on such incidents;
    • disseminating information on information security matters.

    The objective of CERT-FI's activities is to:

      • ensure that public communications networks and communications services function safely and properly;
      • safeguard functions that are vital to society.

      Our CERT services provide help in information security matters. In addition to general information about information security, we can also provide help in the technical investigation of severe information security violations.

      Our alerts, advisories, vulnerability reports, guidelines and other notices are available on our website under ‘NCSC News’ (External link), as RSS feeds , via mailing lists and in Yle’s teletext service (External link), on page 863

      We welcome contacts for example in the following situations:

      • attacks and attempted attacks against the infrastructure of the internet, such as name services and backbone networks
      • automatic and widely-spread attacks and attempted attacks against websites
      • severe attacks and attempted attacks against telecommunications networks
      • detection and attempted use of new forms of attack
      • information security violations and attempted violations against information systems of private persons, companies, organisations or the public administration. 

      RFC 2350

      Read more: (External link)

      Contact information

      Open hoursWeekdays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Finnish time
      Street AddressDynamicum, Erik Palménin aukio 1, 00560 Helsinki
      Customer service's telephone0295 345 630, from abroad: +358 295 345 630 (lnf/mcf) 
      E-mailcert (at) traficom (dot) fi
      Other communication channelsFacebook (External link) ja Yle's teletext service (External link) and Twitter (External link)

      All information is handled confidentially.

      PGP keys

      All CERT-FI PGP keys are signed with the NCSC-FI key signing key (NCSC-FI Key Signing Key ).
      The main key and the advisory signing key is valid for one year, the other keys for 5 years.

      Current team PGP keys 

      KeyE-mailKey IDFingerprintPurpose
      NCSC-FI INCIDENT RESPONSE (2021) cert@traficom.fi0xC02ECD46B9AF888912E8F41FCB4050F3009A3078C02ECD46Main key
      NCSC-FI VULNERABILITY COORDINATION  vulncoord@traficom.fi0x0C9462BCD1B2 0339 5529 9CF2 9C7E FDCE 0055 7E48 0C94 62BCCoordination of vulnerability projects
      NCSC-FI ADVISORY SIGNING KEY (2021) ncsc-fi-alert@traficom.fi0x52F8D77A9020BBEDF7A2056B45D8B21BC443D32D52F8D77AAlert and report signing
      NCSC-FI NEWSFEED SIGNING KEY (2021) ncsc-fi-newsbot@traficom.fi0x266A859CBEC0D933DB37365366D99AF177786DCD266A859CSigning of daily news and vulnerability feeds
      NCSC-FI KEY SIGNING KEY (2018-) -0xFE17280F96F2 06C3 4798 F3C5 1DD5 D686 4A4D EFC1 FE17 280FNCSC-FI key signing
      (since 4/2018)
      CERT-FI KEY SIGNING KEY -0xFF3244348A30 6AB1 D87F 9C2C B480 7366 B1FC D8F8 FF32 4434CERT-FI key signing
      (until 3/2018)
      NCSC-FI AUTOREPORTER (2018-2023) cert-fi-autoreporter@traficom.fi0xA0F2FEC19158 538A 6AB3 83F7 AC6B A34F 889B D49A A0F2 FEC1Signing of Autoreporter-reports