The longer the better — How to create a strong password

It is worth taking a little bit of time to create a strong password. Criminals have come up with increasingly devious ways of stealing your information via various kinds of scams. If a scammer succeeds in getting their hands on one of your passwords, they may be able to use it to access important personal or account information. This is why you should create a unique password for each service. Keep reading to find out what makes a strong password.

8 top tips on password security


The longer the password, the more secure it is.


A good password is easy to remember but hard to guess.


A complete sentence makes for a strong password.


Use upper-case letters and special characters.


You can strengthen your passwords by including typos, regional and colloquial words or expressions, and broken-up words.


Create a unique password for each service you use.


Put extra effort into the passwords you use to retrieve other forgotten passwords, such as your email password.


Don't share your passwords with anyone, and remember that the authorities will never ask you for them!

What does a good password look like?

In this video, we show you a simple way to create longer and more secure passwords that are easy to remember.

More password security tips


Use a password manager

Password managers remember your passwords for you. Make yourself more secure by creating a unique password for each service and using the manager to store them.


Use two-factor or multi-factor authentication

In addition to a password, two-factor or multi-factor authentication requires you to sign in using your phone, sign-in code, identity card, or other method. Two-factor authentication should be used whenever possible.