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Cyber exercises aim at improving organisations’ preparedness and response for severe security incidents, and at shortening and reducing the impact of cyber-attacks. An exercise involves presenting an organisation with a simulated crisis scenario to resolve, which enables the organisation to learn valuable lessons for developing its operations. The NCSC-FI supports critical infrastructure providers in their cyber exercise activities.

Benefits of cyber exercises include:

  • improved observation, reaction and recovery skills of employees and decision-makers in case of severe security incidents
  • facilitated detection of defects and vulnerabilities in processes, operating models and systems
  • faster allocation of resources to areas identified during the exercises
  • increased understanding of supplier dependencies and service provider data security requirements
  • intensified cooperation with service providers through joint exercises
  • improved identification and management of individual threats in the cyber environment.

We develop our exercise services as part of the KYBER 2020 programme. Our services are designed to improve critical infrastructure providers’ preparedness for cyber threats. We also wish to help organisations to develop their operations independently, through effective and constant practice. Observations made during an exercise can be cultivated into development priorities that enable the organisation to better detect severe security incidents, for instance.

We provide the following cyber exercise-related consulting services:

  • advice on choosing the right exercise partner
  • situation awareness services to support exercise planning
  • simulations of the services of the NCSC-FI during exercises
  • observer’s role in exercises
  • assistance in post-exercise analysis.

We assist organisations in launching their own exercise programmes and provide consulting services to organisations wishing to enhance their existing exercise programmes.

We are happy to answer all your exercise-related questions and support any critical infrastructure providers with their exercise activities.

Companies providing exercise and training services:

If your company conducts cyber exercises or provides cyber training, and you wish to cooperate with the NCSC-FI in improving the cyber resilience of critical infrastructure providers, contact us.