The digital world and preparedness against cyber threats are inexorably influenced by the current international situation. In light of this, it is important for the management and experts of organisations to examine and actively maintain best practices of their cybersecurity.

These instructions make frequent references to the digital services of organisations. They refer to all the information systems and telecommunications connections that an organisation uses internally in their own operations and through which the organisation provides services to its customers.

Cyber incidents are a common occurrence in a digital society. Not only can organisations’ own systems be attacked, but they can also become indirect targets via their subcontractors, partners or customers, or suffer collateral damage as a result of the uncontrolled spread of malware, for example.

These instructions are intended for all Finnish organisations for the purpose of strengthening cyber security. The instructions are not limited to the preparedness needs resulting from the international situation in early 2022, as they are also aimed at helping organisations develop their cyber security in general.

Cyber security controls

Detection, reaction and operational continuity